Let’s Play Family Feud: Agile Retrospectives

Looking for a game to boost the competitive spirits of the team after a sprint? Try playing Family Feud! Family Fed is a popular TV Game Show where two families compete to name the most popular answers to survey questions in order to win cash and prizes.

Normally, you would need to download Family Feud online applications to play this game. But I found a Powerpoint Template from Family Feud Template From Rusnak Creative that is customizable (questions and answers) and can be shared via screen sharing for online meetings.

Here are sample screenshots of the game:

How to play the game: Customized Game Mechanics for Online facilitation

  1. Divide the team into two “families”
  2. Ask members to turn on camera and ensure that they are away from their keyboards as the answers can be searched from the Web.
  3. Each question is a ROUND. Each team should choose a representative for each round to play the round.
  4. The facilitator will show the question and the representatives will answer (Example: Popular Programming Languages of 2021).
  5. The representative with higher score point (Example: Family 1 Representative answered Python worth 30pts and Family 2 Representative answered Java 20 pts) has the option to PLAY the ROUND or PASS to the other family.
  6. When a representative plays a ROUND, the PLAYING FAMILY has to guess the remaining answers.
  7. The PLAYING FAMILY has up to 3 strikes. A strike is when the player is not able to provide an answer within 10 seconds or when she gives a wrong answer.
  8. If the PLAYING FAMILY guesses all the answers, they gets all the scores in that round (100 pts).
  9. Else, the other family (STEALING FAMILY) can steal the ROUND when they guess at least 1 answer. They will be awarded the sum of the scores of the correct answers.
  10. If the STEALING FAMILY provides an incorrect answer or misses the 10 second timer, the ROUND score is awarded to the PLAYING Family.
  11. You can play as many rounds as time permits.

Sample Round Questions and Answers, and Scores

The facilitator setups the game and come-up with interesting questions for the team to answer. Here are some samples.

Question: Popular Programming Language for 2021
Popular Games of All Times
Most Popular Messaging App in the World

Have fun!

– agile pinoy


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