Agile Retro Games: Quiz Time with Kahoot

Need a platform to host and play your trivia games? Try Kahoot! Kahoot! is a game-based learning platform that brings engagement and fun at school, at work, and at home. My kid’s teacher uses this in their online class. It is very easy to use for energizer breaks during retrospective or team-building activities, meetings orContinue reading “Agile Retro Games: Quiz Time with Kahoot”

Retro Games: Scattergories

Scattergories anyone? Let’s start the sprint retrospective with yet another energizer game. Offline, Scattergories is a word game where a dice is rolled with letters on each side. The objective of the game is to score points by uniquely naming objects within a set of categories, given an initial letter, within a time limit. The originalContinue reading “Retro Games: Scattergories”

Retro Energizers: Name that Object

Yet another retro energizer exercise that you can play is — guess the object! A member describes an object using the five senses of the body (sense of sight, smell, hearing, touch, and taste) and the rest of the team guesses the word. The facilitator, usually the Scrum Master, prepares the list of objects thatContinue reading “Retro Energizers: Name that Object”

Let’s Play Family Feud: Agile Retrospectives

Looking for a game to boost the competitive spirits of the team after a sprint? Try playing Family Feud! Family Fed is a popular TV Game Show where two families compete to name the most popular answers to survey questions in order to win cash and prizes. Normally, you would need to download Family FeudContinue reading “Let’s Play Family Feud: Agile Retrospectives”

Retrospective Games: Let’s Play Jeopardy

How about a game of Jeopardy to lighten up the mood after a sprint? Jeopardy is a TV gameshow debuted in 1964. The show features a quiz competition in which contestants are presented with clues in the form of answers, and must phrase their responses in the form of questions. An online version of Jeopardy is available,Continue reading “Retrospective Games: Let’s Play Jeopardy”

Retrospective Check-in: Guess the Animal Sound

I guess you are like me who are running out of ideas on how to make retrospective fun. Our team appreciates these short team-building exercises and games that break the monotony of working on the product, break the routine of Working from Home, and complement the lack of physical interaction with your colleagues (local andContinue reading “Retrospective Check-in: Guess the Animal Sound”