Retro Energizers: Name that Object

Yet another retro energizer exercise that you can play is — guess the object! A member describes an object using the five senses of the body (sense of sight, smell, hearing, touch, and taste) and the rest of the team guesses the word.

The facilitator, usually the Scrum Master, prepares the list of objects that each member to describe using five senses of the body:

  • Sight – shape, color, size, properties : solid, liquid, gas
  • Touch: rough, smooth, hot cold
  • Sound: what kind of sound it makes, like loud, hissing
  • Smell: how it smells
  • Taste: how it taste

At least 4 members should play the game. The following rules can be set:

  • Give each member 20 seconds to describe the object
  • Any member who are not describing can guess
  • The member who guesses the object first gets a point
  • member who fails to have his item guessed (2 times) or violates the Rules for Describing (2 times) will be eliminated

Rules for Describing

  • Do not describe what it does: function, feature or purpose, what it can do
  • Do not say what it has (example: it has a head)
  • Do not say what you can do with it
  • Do not act it out

Here are sample things you can ask the members to guess:

EggplantPizza SliceShampoo
FishBalloonScrambled Egg
PieElectric RazorBar soap

See you in the next retro!

– Agile Pinoy


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