Retro Games: Chain Reaction

For today’s retro (Agile Retrospective) game, we will play Chain Reaction.

A chain reaction is a word chain of at least 7 words. A word chain is formed when the previous word connects with the adjacent word making a compound word (paired words) or connected words that make sense or recognized. Below is an image from google search. The work chain is: Crack Open, Open Sesame, Sesame Street, Street Smart, Smart Cookie, and Cookie Monster.

There is a very handy powerpoint version of the game from Rusnak Creative Chain Reaction. Follow the instructions to customize the game.

The game is best played with at least 4 players equally divided to at least two teams. The controlling team will choose whether to guess from the top of the word chain or the bottom. A letter is revealed in the adjacent word and a representative of a team will have to guess the word. When the team guesses correctly, they will be awarded the points, when incorrectly, the control is given to the other team and another letter is revealed. The team who completed the chain has the will have a chance to play the Speed Chain round. The Speed Chain round is a shorter Chain Reaction with 4 words. The controlling team will have to guess the Speed Chain with the given time.

Sample Speed Chain

To help you fill-up your word chain board, here are sample word chains. You can makeup your own, even in your own language:

Chain 1Chain 2Chain 3Chain 4Chain 5
Sample Word Chains

Enjoy! See you on the next retro.

– Agile Pinoy


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