Everything about Project Owner Responsibilities

When I help teams transition from traditional project manager-led projects to Scrum, the members are confused with the new roles. We will map out existing roles and their equivalent roles to Scrum with some customization to adapt to the Team’s culture. Before the team can map this, they need to understand the responsibilities of eachContinue reading “Everything about Project Owner Responsibilities”

Learning Backlog: The Lean Startup and the Product Owner Role

I was preparing for PSPO certification. Eric Ries’ Lean Startup is a recommended reading for the Product Owner Role. I read the eBook and listened to the audiobook from Scribd. <– Using the link, you should be able to get unlimited access for 2 months. This is enough to download, read, and listen to availableContinue reading “Learning Backlog: The Lean Startup and the Product Owner Role”