Paying Your Consultants

Following from Contracting Consultants? article, it’s now time to pay their services. A consultant can be paid on a per hour basis or on a per deliverable based on agreed upon price. The consultant should issue an invoice or a billing statement. According to Wikipedia, an Invoice, a bill or tab is a commercial documentContinue reading “Paying Your Consultants”

Contracting Consultants?

In a project, we won’t have all the necessary expertise to get the job done efficiently. It is sometimes more cost-effective to get external help from individual consultants. It is also a good idea to onboard part-timers on a project-based or time-based engagements to help out on those peak moments.To formalize the engagement a contractContinue reading “Contracting Consultants?”

Agile Project Management Checklist

If you are like me who ages and forgets, I find checklists really useful to consider and remember important points relating to specific activities. I maintain several checklists in my OneNote that I could access Online or Offline (vacation checklist or checklist for deciding a good summer workshop for my kid). I like to shareContinue reading “Agile Project Management Checklist”

Measuring Team Velocity

What is Team Velocity? Team Velocity is the average rate of how fast the team converts user stories from the product backlog to potentially releasable increment per Sprint. Strictly speaking, it should only account for Story Points that deliver value or functionality. However, in reality, Development Team performs activities that are not directly related toContinue reading “Measuring Team Velocity”

Visualize Project: Product Burndown Chart

In traditional waterfall projects, monitoring tools such as Gantt Charts and EVM (Earned Value Management) Charts are used to monitor and visualize progress. When relative estimation and the concept of story points are introduced for the first time, stakeholders are concerned on how to monitor and track progress in Agile. Story points have no directContinue reading “Visualize Project: Product Burndown Chart”