What makes a great Agile Retrospective?

I asked the Agile Philippines community through the Agile Philippines Facebook Group on tips for effective and fun retrospectives the Filipino way. These are my key take aways. 1. Great retrospectives are affirmative Facilitators set the tone to make the retrospective a safe environment to constructively discuss improvement areas in the previous sprint Members findContinue reading “What makes a great Agile Retrospective?”

Agile Chartering: How to successfully launch an Agile Team

The Project Charter When I was training for PMPĀ®, our instructor kept on stressing the importance of a Project Charter. A Project Charter is a formal document within the organization that recognizes the existence of the project and defines the authority of the Project Manager to carry out the project, within certain constraints to completion.Continue reading “Agile Chartering: How to successfully launch an Agile Team”