Everything about Sprint Length

While conducting training on Scrum to my colleagues, who are transitioning from waterfall development, there were several questions about Sprint Length. Here are all I know about Sprint Length: 1. A Sprint is not more than 1 calendar month Limit risk to 1 calendar month cost. Measurement is preferred to be in weeks over calendarContinue reading “Everything about Sprint Length”

Getting Senior Management Buy-in on Agile

Management support is a key element for successful transformational changes in the organization.  Most agile practices will challenge established process and controls that tend to have layers and layers of reviews and approvals. You have to understand that these layers of checks and balances are formed and added from the long period of operational experienceContinue reading “Getting Senior Management Buy-in on Agile”

PSM I Certification: How I got a perfect Score

Recently, the projects that we work with require competency in Agile Development frameworks such as Scrum. To bid for these projects, having internationally accepted skill certifications will establish credibility as a potential provider. I realized, after Googling “best agile certification”, that there are many organizations who are offering Agile/Scrum certifications on different roles. Having readContinue reading “PSM I Certification: How I got a perfect Score”

Transition your Customers to Agile Customers

It is very difficult to find customers who are willing to go Agile on outsourcing development work. Majority of them may not be familiar with software development and would like to have assurances on Time and Cost commitments on their requirement. Other customers who are familiar with Agile, have difficulty moving away from the levelContinue reading “Transition your Customers to Agile Customers”

8 Steps to Agility: Transition from Waterfall to Agile

The most common question I get when transitioning project teams from Waterfall to Agile is — “Where do we start?” Transition from Waterfall to Agile requires a change in paradigm, a shift in priority. The Agile Values declared in Agile Manifesto are: Individuals and interactions over processes and tools Working software over comprehensive documentation CustomerContinue reading “8 Steps to Agility: Transition from Waterfall to Agile”

Visualize Project: Product Burndown Chart

In traditional waterfall projects, monitoring tools such as Gantt Charts and EVM (Earned Value Management) Charts are used to monitor and visualize progress. When relative estimation and the concept of story points are introduced for the first time, stakeholders are concerned on how to monitor and track progress in Agile. Story points have no directContinue reading “Visualize Project: Product Burndown Chart”