Best Practices: Sprint Review

Are you getting enough value from your sprint reviews? Here are the best practices I share to Developers and POs Purpose of Sprint Review Inspect the outcome of the Sprint and determine future adaptations Inspect the sprint and value delivered Adapt the backlog and the release plans Show progress toward the Product Goal Share theContinue reading “Best Practices: Sprint Review”

Everything Retrospective Check-in

Check-in activities are a way to gather how participants feel about the meeting and the previous sprint. It is an opportunity for the team to get to know each other better and it can influence the tone of the retrospective discussion. Check-ins are conversation starters for the group.

Everything about Project Owner Responsibilities

When I help teams transition from traditional project manager-led projects to Scrum, the members are confused with the new roles. We will map out existing roles and their equivalent roles to Scrum with some customization to adapt to the Team’s culture. Before the team can map this, they need to understand the responsibilities of eachContinue reading “Everything about Project Owner Responsibilities”

Everything about Product Backlog Refinement

I started studying Scrum formally using the 2016 and 2017 Scrum guide for my PSM I certification. The guide does not highlight Product Backlog Refinement as a formal ceremony. However it seems to be essential for Sprint planning. The guide only indicated that Product Backlog items are deemed “ready” for selection in a Sprint Planning.Continue reading “Everything about Product Backlog Refinement”