Conducting a Sprint Review Survey

At the end of each sprint, I make it a point to capture the feedback of the stakeholders on the product increment and the demo presentation. This is a great insight for the development team in the succeeding sprints. It can be used as a KPI for the team to monitor regularly. To do thisContinue reading “Conducting a Sprint Review Survey”

Agile Chartering: How to successfully launch an Agile Team

The Project Charter When I was training for PMPĀ®, our instructor kept on stressing the importance of a Project Charter. A Project Charter is a formal document within the organization that recognizes the existence of the project and defines the authority of the Project Manager to carry out the project, within certain constraints to completion.Continue reading “Agile Chartering: How to successfully launch an Agile Team”

Agile Estimation for Maintenance Projects

In the software outsourcing industry, our usual projects involve upgrading and maintaining existing legacy systems for our clients so that they can focus on new opportunities. In my early days as a typical Project Manager, I ask for available documentation and work products from the client and begin estimating. Equipped with piles and piles ofContinue reading “Agile Estimation for Maintenance Projects”

Measuring Team Velocity

What is Team Velocity? Team Velocity is the average rate of how fast the team converts user stories from the product backlog to potentially releasable increment per Sprint. Strictly speaking, it should only account for Story Points that deliver value or functionality. However, in reality, Development Team performs activities that are not directly related toContinue reading “Measuring Team Velocity”

Visualize Project: Product Burndown Chart

In traditional waterfall projects, monitoring tools such as Gantt Charts and EVM (Earned Value Management) Charts are used to monitor and visualize progress. When relative estimation and the concept of story points are introduced for the first time, stakeholders are concerned on how to monitor and track progress in Agile. Story points have no directContinue reading “Visualize Project: Product Burndown Chart”