Everything about Project Owner Responsibilities

When I help teams transition from traditional project manager-led projects to Scrum, the members are confused with the new roles. We will map out existing roles and their equivalent roles to Scrum with some customization to adapt to the Team’s culture. Before the team can map this, they need to understand the responsibilities of eachContinue reading “Everything about Project Owner Responsibilities”

Agile Chartering: How to successfully launch an Agile Team

The Project Charter When I was training for PMPĀ®, our instructor kept on stressing the importance of a Project Charter. A Project Charter is a formal document within the organization that recognizes the existence of the project and defines the authority of the Project Manager to carry out the project, within certain constraints to completion.Continue reading “Agile Chartering: How to successfully launch an Agile Team”

Agile Estimation for Maintenance Projects

In the software outsourcing industry, our usual projects involve upgrading and maintaining existing legacy systems for our clients so that they can focus on new opportunities. In my early days as a typical Project Manager, I ask for available documentation and work products from the client and begin estimating. Equipped with piles and piles ofContinue reading “Agile Estimation for Maintenance Projects”

Learning Backlog: The Lean Startup and the Product Owner Role

I was preparing for PSPO certification. Eric Ries’ Lean Startup is a recommended reading for the Product Owner Role. I read the eBook and listened to the audiobook from Scribd. <– Using the link, you should be able to get unlimited access for 2 months. This is enough to download, read, and listen to availableContinue reading “Learning Backlog: The Lean Startup and the Product Owner Role”

Agile Project Management Checklist

If you are like me who ages and forgets, I find checklists really useful to consider and remember important points relating to specific activities. I maintain several checklists in my OneNote that I could access Online or Offline (vacation checklist or checklist for deciding a good summer workshop for my kid). I like to shareContinue reading “Agile Project Management Checklist”

Everything about Product Backlog Refinement

I started studying Scrum formally using the 2016 and 2017 Scrum guide for my PSM I certification. The guide does not highlight Product Backlog Refinement as a formal ceremony. However it seems to be essential for Sprint planning. The guide only indicated that Product Backlog items are deemed “ready” for selection in a Sprint Planning.Continue reading “Everything about Product Backlog Refinement”

Bayanihan: Building Self-Organizing Pinoy Team

The essence of Agile Methodology is the Agile Team. Agile Teams are flexible, cross functional, self-managing, and self-organizing. When introducing Agile concepts to development teams, I am often asked: how can our team be self-organizing? Our custom of Bayanihan proves that Filipinos are capable of self-organizing. Bayanihan refers to the spirit of communal unity, workContinue reading “Bayanihan: Building Self-Organizing Pinoy Team”

Everything about Definition of Done (DoD)

Definition of Done (DoD) is the declaration and commitment of the team to Quality. It is a set of criteria that each unit of work must pass to be considered as DONE. Definition of Done varies from team to team, organization to organization, however when multiple teams are working on the same product, they shouldContinue reading “Everything about Definition of Done (DoD)”

Technical Investment over Technical Debt

The concept of Technical Debt is a Software Development analogy comparable to monetary debt. There are several published information regarding technical debts, its causes, and its impact. I would like to use same analogy and coin Technical Investments those “tasks” that do not add direct value or increment but will make creation of value easierContinue reading “Technical Investment over Technical Debt”

Everything about Sprint Length

While conducting training on Scrum to my colleagues, who are transitioning from waterfall development, there were several questions about Sprint Length. Here are all I know about Sprint Length: 1. A Sprint is not more than 1 calendar month Limit risk to 1 calendar month cost. Measurement is preferred to be in weeks over calendarContinue reading “Everything about Sprint Length”