Retro Games: Powerpoint Karaoke

In life, we have to play the cards we are dealt with. The same is true with the presentation decks prepared by the product team or management team that developers would present to the stakeholders. To prepare for these situations, a fun and exciting improv game can be played with the team, Powerpoint Karaoke. Powerpoint Karaoke (also called Powerpoint Roulette or Battledecks) is an improv game where the presenter gives a presentation from a slide deck they have never seen before. Much like how the Impractical Jokers (reality show) dare each other.

How to Play

Depending on the size of the team, the game can be played individually or in sub-teams.

  1. Prepare the Powerpoint Karaoke slides beforehand, at least 2 decks.
  2. Divide the team into equal members depending on the number of decks the facilitator has prepared
  3. The presenters are not allowed to see the slides they will present.
  4. When playing individually, the presenter must deliver each slide without skipping. When playing in sub-teams, team members take turns delivering each slide without skipping.
  5. The presentation ends when all the slides in the deck were presented. Make the presenter(s) aware when it is the last slide so they can end the topic well.
  6. Judging is by popular vote. You can have dot voting, where each member is given 2 dots to vote for other players. Players with the most number of dots win.

The team can set the criteria the example criteria below for judging:

  • Cohesiveness with the theme
  • Presentation flow
  • Confidence
  • Humor
How To Build Your Own Powerpoint Karaoke Slides
  1. Set a theme or a topic. As an example, the topic can be potatoes. Add slides related to the theme or topic that can be hilarious images or information about the topic. A title on the first slide should indicate the topic or theme.
  2. Know your audience. The slides you prepare should be relatable to the members. You can search for memes or jokes that the audience can appreciate. Make the slides appropriate for some clean fun. Avoid offensive slides.
  3. Avoid complicated slides. Less is more, find slides with fewer words and images so the presenter can improvise given the image or information. Avoid animations and make the font size bigger.
  4. Add some random slides. Do not strictly follow the topic as is, it is fun to see how presenters will try to connect random information to the topic.

As usual, I am giving out samples. Here are two funny decks made by a colleague (you know who you are – thank you so much!)



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