Retrospective Check-in: Guess the Animal Sound

I guess you are like me who are running out of ideas on how to make retrospective fun. Our team appreciates these short team-building exercises and games that break the monotony of working on the product, break the routine of Working from Home, and complement the lack of physical interaction with your colleagues (local and international).

It is great to have some activities that require active participating from everyone as these create shared memories that builds up the team spirit. A week ago I had the team mimic some animal sounds and for the teammates to guess. It was full of fun and laughter. Here’s how to facilitate it:

Activity: Guess the Animal Sound
Time: 10-15 Minutes
Method: Video call through Teams, Zoom, Google Meet etc.
Participants: At least 4

Before hand, prepare a list of animals and distribute it evenly to the participating members beforehand. The facilitator may participate or demonstrate an example. If facilitator chooses to participate, he is not allowed to guess.

The team will take turns in mimicking the animal sounds. The listening participants shall key in their guesses in the group chat. The first one to guess gets the point. Repeat until the list has been exhausted or when your set timebox expires.

It is optional to have prizes, this can be another topic altogether.

Here are the list of Animal sounds that you can use, please add in the comment below. Just provide the participants the animals, let them be creative on how to mimic the sounds.

AnimalSound (Don’t show this to the participant)Member (number of participants
BatEek eekMember 1
BeeBuzz BuzzMember 2
BirdChirp chirpMember 3
CatMeowMember 4
ChickenCluck cluckMember 5
CowMoo MooMember 1
DogBawaw or Ruf rufMember 2
DonkeyHee HaaMember 3
DuckQuack QuackMember 4
FlyZzzzz. zzzz..Member 5
FrogRibbit, croakMember 1
GoatMeehehe, meeheheMember 2
HorseNeigh, snortMember 3
LionRoarMember 4
MonkeyUgh ughMember 5
MouseSqueek squeekMember 1
OwlHoot hootMember 2
ParrotGaark, squak, or talkMember 3
PigOink OinkMember 4
RoosterCOCK-A-DOODLE-DOOMember 5
SnakeHiss hissMember 1
SheepBahhh bahhhhMember 2
TurkeyDifficult in words, google the sound šŸ™‚Member 3
WhaleSingMember 4
WolfAawoooo, aawooMember 5
Animal sounds for the Retro Exercise


– Agile Pinoy


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